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Lummus PDH Pipe Prefabrication

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About PDH technology

CATOFIN dehydrogenation technology is a reliable and commercially proven process for the production of propylene from propane. The CATOFIN process uses fixed-bed catalyst reactors to achieve an appropriate conversion and selectivity with less energy consumption. The CATOFIN process can be operated at optimum reactor pressure and temperature to maximize propane conversion with high propylene yield.

pipe prefabrication

CATOFIN process flow diagram

Customer Name: Ningbo Haiyue New Material Co., Ltd.

Designed by: Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company

Project Name: Ningbo Haiyue Propane and C4 Utilization of Propane Dehydrogenation Project

Product name: Waste heat utilization mixer

Specifications: DN2200

Product material: WP321H F321H WP11

Number of prefabricated parts: 1 set

Prefabricated parts include parts: tee, flange, head

Number of prefabricated parts: 78

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