Advantages of factory pipe prefabrication

■ Introductory         

  ■ The installation of the pipeline includes the following process :                   

■ Material preparation and purchasing、Inspection of raw materials and fittings  

Transportation and warehousing、welding, installation and heat treatment                        

Installation inspection and pressure test、and so on.                        

■ Traditional: Each installation process is completed on site by the installation company          

■ FEITING PIPE:Factory prefabrication completes most work in the factory, provide the assembly to the scene.                          

Traditional construction VS factory prefabrication



■ Quality and optimization                

  ■The factory has specialized tooling and equipment:mechanical cutting、Full set of professional groups on the assembly line、professional heat treatment equipment and team。                

■Optimize pipeline structure and the welding construction scheme 、make stress analysis of pipeline.Achieve the purpose of improving quality and prolonging service life                




■ Delivery time and cost control              

■ Factory prefabrication can be synchronized with civil works on site.And good indoor working conditions, not affected by the weather.Welding, heat treatment and other processes are mostly transferred to the factory, reducing on-site operations and speeding up the overall construction period.        

■ Factory prefabrication allows customers to maintain zero inventory, and the factory is responsible for purchasing raw materials.The cost of lifting facilities, production equipment , tooling and labor cost  in the factory will be much cheaper than that on site.                


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