Our advantages in propane dehydrogenation (PDH)

■ Technology Exchange

■ Through the PDH professional technology seminar, especially the communication with the Lummus experts, Improved expertise in critical area prevention.

 Optimize the form of welds and eliminate fillet welds (such as saddle straight tees, saddle lateral tees, manholes, straight reducers with tangent )


■ Welding of special steel in transition section

■ Welding of transition section is our unique advantage. The first propane dehydrogenation factory pipeline prefabrication project in china—Ningbo Haiyue Project, our company organized relevant technical personnel and domestic well-known experts to conduct detailed research and research on the transition section experiment.


■ More PDH advantages

■ Send personnel to the site to check and guide the construction party, and the construction party feedback the actual size of the field equipment connector to the factory.

■ Factory prefabrication can reduce the project site installation workload by 40-50%.

■ Project lead time:Project scale of 600,000 tons/year, the delivery time (AVG): 90~180 days



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