Point Supply System

  • LNG Backup Gas Source And Point Supply System

    1. It consists of receiving system, gasification system, decompression metering system, odorizing system and control system. 2. It can undertake the construction of LNG overall skid-mounted station, and can also supply individual skid equipment, such as decompression metering and odor skid, unloading Pressurization skid, storage tank pressurization skid. Gasification skid, etc. 3. It integrates the functions of unloading pressurization, storage tank pressurization, gasification, pressure regulation, metering, odorization and electrical control of LNG gas supply station, compact structure, small area , Support remote monitoring, can realize unattended value. Through atmospheric heating and gasification, reducing operating costs, skid-mounted integration, convenient installation and short construction period The equipment is highly mobile and can be reused many times.

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  • CNG Standby Origin And Point Supply System

    1. CNG Standby Origin And Point Supply System Mainly to solve the problem of gas use in areas not reached due to pipeline gas transmission, 2. The wellhead natural gas or pipeline natural gas in other places is purified and compressed for high-pressure storage and transportation, and after heating and decompression, it is input into the pipeline network to supply various users. 3. The system has the characteristics of small investment, short construction period, fast fund recovery, simple system, convenience and flexibility.

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