FT-CNG Gas Supply System

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FT-CNG Gas Supply System

1. Mainly to solve the problem of gas use in areas not reached due to pipeline gas transmission,
2. The wellhead natural gas or pipeline natural gas in other places is purified and compressed for high-pressure storage and transportation, and after heating and decompression, it is input into the pipeline network to supply various users.
3. The system has the characteristics of small investment, short construction period, fast fund recovery, simple system, convenience and flexibility.

Process flow chart of CNG decompression skid

FT-CNG Gas Supply System

Standard series product model

FT-CNG System


1: Larger flow model; please contact the technical department of Shanghai Feiting Gas Division for consultation.

2: The heat exchanger is generally configured as 2 units, and 1 unit can be configured according to customer needs.

3: Decompression skid part, generally equipped with 2 main adjustments.

4: The system is equipped with a safety emergency shut-off valve, which is pneumatically controlled; self-operated control can also be selected.

Core equipment selection

KAMRRY servers

RP58-600# servers:


RD53-600# servers:


R1301 servers:

R627 servers:


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